Soy Pillar Candles

Soy Pillar Candles are the best choice for anyone wanting a clean-burning, long-lasting candle that smells wonderful and doesn't release soot or toxins. Friendly Fumes soy pillar candles are individually hand-poured and made from pure soy wax sourced from American soybean farmers. We use only real, natural botanical oils for our scents, and our wicks are metal-free, cored with sturdy hemp and braided with unbleached cotton also sourced from American farmers.
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Round Pillars
Round Pillars Soy Candles
Friendly Fumes Round Pillars are made from All Natural soy wax. Candles are 95% soot free, clean burning, and are maximum scented with a perfect burn pool. Essential oil soy pillars are made Dye-Free.
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