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Friendly Fumes Gel Air Freshener

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About our Gel Air Fresheners

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Gift Suggestions: Mother's Day, Teacher Appreciation, Valentines, Weddings, Showers, Secret Santa's, etc...

Friendly Fumes Gel Air Fresheners come with a vented lid to allow the crystals to dissolve slowly. Simply remove the inner white disk before use! This product is amazing, because it can be recharged up to 10+ times... all you need to do is simply add water, replace white disk, screw on cap... and shake gently, then watch in amazement as the crystals reform! AND... get this... it can lasts up to 5 full years!

Great for college dorms or retirement communities or any place where you don't want to burn a candle... like Bathrooms & Bedrooms. They can even be used as a great car Air Freshener (Click Here to See Our Full-Line of Air Fresheners).

Quick Overview

Gel Air fresheners come with a vented lid to allow the crystals to dissolve slowly (Remove the Inner White Disk to Use). This product can be recharged up to 10+ times! All you need to do is simply add water and shake gently.

Product Detail
  • Rechargeable.
  • No Color Added.
  • Last Up To Five (5) Years!
  • Note: Product is not Edible, Please Keep Out of Reach of Children. Seek Medical Attention if Ingested.
Why Gel Air Fresheners?
  • Another exciting way to scent a room.
  • Remarkably Priced @ $5.99 Each.
  • Fill your room with Fragrance without the Flame!
  • Use together with our Room Sprays!

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Gel Air Freshener

Last Up To 5 Years, Gel Air Freshener.

Item Price: $5.99

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