Our owner comes from four generations of Pennsylvania soap makers, all dedicated to perfecting the art of handmade soaps. Some of the old family recipes are still in use today at Friendly Fumes, in the small batches we lovingly pour in our kitchens, nestled in quiet, rural Montgomery County. 

Growing up around soap making inspired his lifelong passion for fragrance. In 1992, he began developing this passion in earnest, studying the art of blending fragrances and perfumes for use in his handmade soaps. Friendly Fumes was born! We now offer nearly 300 fragrances that make our handmade soaps, soy soaps and soy candles truly unique, and a joy to experience. Learning about the remarkable, clean burning qualities of soy wax, and the nutritive benefits soy provides skin, led Friendly Fumes to branch out. After experimentation, we hit upon recipes that far surpassed any soy soaps we'd seen. Our special blend of castor oil and olive oil resulted in luxurious handmade soaps with a rich lather, something we noticed was lacking in similar products. It also lasted a long time, even with regular use. Soy is now a main ingredient in a wide range of our products, including soy soaps, soy candles poured by hand, soy lotions and shower gels, and even soy products for men. Our other ingredients are the purest and most health-promoting we could find--shea butter full of natural essential fatty acids, olive oil chock full of antioxidants, healing castor oil and more. Exfoliants like oatmeal or ground lavender buds give some soaps a gentle scrub. We still use the cold process method, so our handmade soaps retain their natural glycerin. What you'll never find in a Friendly Fumes product is a harsh chemical or additive. No parabens, sulfates, solvents or phthalates--just pure indulgent goodness! 

All of our products are made right here in Pennsylvania, USA. Our owner proudly served in the U.S. Army 1st Infantry Division, 1st Battalion, 28th Infantry Regiment (Black Lions) 

Friendly Fumes stands for integrity, responsibility and compassion, and we incorporate those values in our lives, our company and our products. We're glad you're here! Feel free to let us know what you think. Your comments or suggestions can only help us, since our goal is to serve you. 

Come on in, make yourself at home and stick your nose in our business!
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