Lotions & Perfume oils

  • Lotions
    Natural organic body lotions, shower gels, perfume oils, face & skin moisturizers for men... many fragrances and essential oils to choose from........ Lather up with our bar or liquid soaps and lotion down with our incredible organic lotions!!! Available in 3 strengths. lite, medium or strong. We highly recommend a medium strength scent.
  • Moisturizers
    Our skin moisturizers come in 4 varieties! Shea butter, coconut oil or mango butter. Apply lightly to skin, the hydroscopic effect of these moisturizers draw humidity from the atmosphere and right into the skin to provide a softness to all kinds of skin types, especially sensitive skin.
  • Perfume Oils
    Friendly Fumes perfume oils are formulated to be thick. We use a healthy base consisting of vitamin E oil (T-50) and organic coconut oil. Our best sellers are Egyptian Musk, Bay Rum, Drakkar (type), Jasmine, Channel #5 (type), Lavender, Eucalyptus, Joshua Tree (type) (aveda) Midnight Musk, Shampure (type) and Ylang Ylang Mimosa is soo soothing...
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