Friendly Fumes is a premier supplier of high-quality, wholesale handmade soap, candles and body products. People  love to use our creations for handmade soap or candle fundraisers. 

 A handmade soap or candle fundraiser is a great way to raise money for your school, church or any non-profit organization! 

Working with Friendly Fumes for your soap or candle fundraiser is easy, affordable and fun. You don't have to put any money down, and your team doesn't have to lug a lot of heavy candles around. 

Instead, we simply supply an easy-to-use order form (trust us, it's much lighter weight!) Working with us for your candle fundraiser is also profitable, because you get to keep up to 50% of the profits for your organization. Everyone’s handmade soap or candle fundraiser is organized a little differently, but in general two weeks is a decent amount of time for a good team to make great profits. 

Your organization must be a non-profit and have a tax exempt certificate. 

Soap and candle fundraisers allow participants to collect 50% profit. Your candle fundraiser team should collect payment at the time the sale is made. (Customers can write checks to your organization, or pay in whatever way you would like to manage the event.) Once all orders are in, contact Friendly Fumes with the number of candles, handmade soaps, lotions or other products that are needed. 

We’ll give you the shipping charges. If your order is over $500, we’ll pay half the shipping. If it’s over $1,000, we’ll pay for all your shipping. (If you’re located within 50 miles of us, shipping is free.) Send in your order and payment. Payments to Friendly Fumes are accepted by organization check or money order. We don’t accept personal checks. We’ll send out your order, and you get to distribute handmade soaps, body products and candles to your customers! If you’re interested in carrying Friendly Fumes wholesale handmade soaps, or running a candle fundraiser, feel free to contact us. We’ll be happy to provide more information and get you started on a successful business venture! 

Name of Business or Organization. 
Your Title with that Business or Organization. 
Type of Business or Organization. 
E-mail Address. Contact Name. Phone Number(s). 
Complete Address. 
State Tax exempt ID Number and/or Resale Number (Required). 

We will require a scanned copy of your State Tax I.D. Number or Sellers Permit sent via E-mail before prices are quoted. 

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