Hearts, Votives, Tealights and Melts

Do you love candles but you don't always have space for a jar candle or pillar? Friendly Fumes has all kinds of handmade candles including 2 oz. votives and tea lights, both just as infused with scent as our larger selections. With over 290 wonderful fragrances to choose from, you can enjoy a candle in almost any room. We also make them unscented for those who want only the ambiance of a small, flickering flame without the fragrance.

We also offer super-fragranced wax tarts and melts for use with potpourri pots or tart burners. Now you can have your favorite Friendly Fumes fragrance with your electric melter.
For those special occasions, we have a variety of heart-shaped candles. Like all our candles, we put a lot of love into these! We have both smooth and scalloped hearts, and single, double, and triple hearts with multiple wicks available. You have our full assortment of fragrances and colors to choose from so you can add romance to any room.

All Friendly Fumes candles are made with care for perfect burning and melting, and we use only pure 100% soy wax with no paraffin or other additives. Our clean-burning wicks are unbleached cotton with a braided hemp core and produce minimal soot, making them safe for the environment and for you.
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