Shipping Costs

Excess shipping will be refunded. 

All pricing is in US Funds

Below is our flat rate ship pricing. Whether your order ships USP or USPS, all excess shipping will be refunded. 

Please email us regarding shipping pricing to Canada

     .01              8.99                4.50
   9.00            27.51                7.00
  27.52           50.00               11.95
  50.01          100.00               14.95
101.00          200.00               18.95
200.01          300.00               21.95
301.00          400.00               45.95
400.01          500.00               70.00
500.00            1000.00             120.00

 over $1000.00   250.00

Return of Material Authorization Instructions 

Please contact us for a RMA (Return of Material Authorization) number before returning the product or products. 

Please include the original packing slip and we will refund your money (Excluding Shipping) within 10 business days. Please return via certified mail or delivery confirmation so you have proof of the return status. 

If a product is defective in any way (leaky jars or bottles etc) please contact us immediately. We may require you send item back to us for inspection. 

Please Note: We also guarantee that our jar candles will burn from side to side and top to bottom!. 

We're Sorry...  All Fragrance & Essential Oils are not returnable. All returned products are not resold.  

30 day refund policy, 20% restocking fee and purchaser pays for return postage, 
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