Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil
Sugar cookie fragrance oil

Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

Part Number:Fragrance Oil (Sugar Cookie)
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Sugar Cookie Fragrance Oil

"A warm, fresh from the oven Sugar Cookie type with notes of Buttery Milk, Burnt Sugar, and Caramel, leading to a strong bakery-finish of Sweet, Creamy, Vanilla." 
Ethyl Vanillin   1.7 % 
Vanillin           3.75% 
FP 200F 
Made in U.S.A.

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Sugar Cookie scented candle from Friendly Fumes, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversSugar Cookie from Friendly Fumes

Even though they’ve been around since 2000, I had never heard of this company until I tested their Sugar Cookie candle. But believe me, this is one vendor that I definitely MUST go back to and try more. To begin with, Friendly Fumes’ customer service and communication are marvelous! I love companies that treat you like a welcome friend or guest, rather than just another faceless order (or worse, an annoying distraction to their very busy lives). The owners, Bob and Sue, are really sweet and go out of their way to be helpful. They even threw in a delicious-smelling bar of their handmade soap along with the candle, which was of course right up my alley, since my bath and body product addiction rivals my candle Sugar Cookie scented candle review, Our BIG sugar cookie scented candle review,, the site for candle loversaddiction!

Located in Green Lane, Pennsylvania, Friendly Fumes has a ton of different candle types – jars, pillars, votives, tealights, you name it – and a very lengthy and well-rounded scent list. They’ve also got a full line of bath and body products for women and men in addition to the handmade soaps and sell fragrance and essential oils to boot. I love their site and could spend hours drooling and deciding what to buy.

The Sugar Cookie candle that I tested was a 10 oz apothecary jar with black handled lid and bright white 100% soy wax. It had two wicks, burned perfectly, and the scent – OMG, as my daughter would say. It was absolutely scrumptious!! Of all the candles and melts I tested, this one was the most like a cookie without frosting – it was a true, rich cookie dough with a hint of spices that’s been baked until it’s just crisp. Yum! I really loved the bakery notes to this one; they were sweet and authentic without being cloying. Friendly Fumes has captured this scent perfectly. And to put icing on the cookie, so to speak, the candle threw like crazy – it filled my powder room as well as the hallway, the computer room and much of the living room as well. And after I blew it out it lingered for almost an hour – how great is that?!

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