Fragrance and essential oils

Posted by BoB Henninger on 11/29/2019 to News
Fragrance and essential oils
Effects of fragrance and essential oils for those with allergies, asthma and exotic birds

New Fragrance Oils

Posted by Friendly Fumes on 5/7/2017 to News
Apricot Freesia & Peach Gardenia Fragrance oils.....

Cold process testing

Posted by Bob Henninger on 1/11/2017 to News
Cold process testing
Mango Mania bar soap testing

Bath and Body Find Review

Posted by BoB Henninger on 10/6/2016 to News
Review of Cold Processed Soaps and Matching Lotions from Friendly Fumes

Friendly Fumes Scented Candle Review in the Scents, Snickerdoodle, Apple Cinnamon, Lavender Vanilla, Sweet Black Pepper & Lavender Shortbread

Posted by Bob Henninger on 10/1/2016 to News

excess shipping

Posted by Bob Henninger on 9/21/2016 to News
Shipping Costs 

 All pricing is in US Funds 

 Below is our flat rate ship pricing. Whether your order ships USP or USPS, all excess shipping will be refunded. 

      .01               5.25       3.95 
   5.25              50.00       8.50 
 50.01            100.00     15.95 
 101.00          200.00     22.95 
 201.00          300.00     26.95 
 300.01          400.00     35.95 
 401.00          500.00     60.00 
 500.01        1000.00    100.00 
1000.00       2000.00    200.00 

 over $2000.00 FREE SHIPPING

Lather up with local artisan soap: interview

Posted by BoB Henninger on 9/4/2016 to News
FRIENDLY Fumes makes the definition of hand-made products. Based out of his wooded, Montgomery County home, Bob Henninger crafts artisan soap for an international market. His all-natural approach and emphasis on community-support has made him desirable to the growing market of conscious consumers. I sat down with Bob to see how one can turn an interest into a lucrative business.
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