With the rising costs of fragrance oils we offer duplication services. The fee is $60.00, we require a one ounce sample. We will send a package to include the proper bottle. Our master perfumers will duplicate your sample and pricing will be given. once you agree to a duplication, you must make a purchase. Its our perfumers rules.

We will send an invoice, once paid, your duplication package kit will be sent, with a return shipping label. 


Our service is typically for soap makers and others who can no longer obtain a specific fragrance oil or essential oils blend. We usually recommend a profile without phthalates, propylene glycol or alcohols. (fragrance oils...)

We also ask to supply the vendor where purchased and name of scent, it can speed up the process.  

A 10 lb. minimum purchase is required plus shipping changes. A duplication kit will be sent to you with return shipping label including proper 1 ounce bottle, packing to ensure no leakage and  the readings will be good once duplicated and sent to you for your testing in your base, please include ingredients if handmade soap or type of wax.

Our master perfumers will duplicate within 98-99% accuracy 

Once you agree for this service we will work with you until you are completely happy with the performance of the dupe and a purchase is mandatory. We are held with these requirements.

If this interests you we will invoice you. 

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