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Just like all our products, our perfume / body oils are created with the utmost integrity. They're made with certified organic plant-based ingredients and natural oils, leaving out harmful (not to mention unnecessary) chemicals. No solvents, sulfates, parabens, propylene glycol or phthalates here! We also steer clear of colorants, which add chemicals that can be absorbed by the skin. This is truly the purest bathing experience you could ever have.Our perfume / body oils are all vegetable based, made with certified organic aloe vera, green tea and chamomile extracts. The natural plant emollients make for a light, exquisite lotion that absorbs quickly, sealing in natural vitamins and antioxidants that restore skin's vitality. It's perfect for dry, thirsty skin, and won't irritate those with chronic conditions like eczema. We don't include mineral oils or lanolin in our handcrafted lotions, because they can leave skin with an oily, greasy layer that sometimes transfers to clothes or furniture. Personalizing your spa experience with a unique fragrance makes our product all yours, and still keeps it 95% natural. Choose below from over 180+ Friendly Fumes fragrances or essential oils. Mineral oil sounds natural, but it's actually a petroleum by-product. It also hides under the names "petrolatum," "liquid paraffin," and "paraffin wax." It's basically the only ingredient in Vaseline. While it does seal in moisture, it also clogs pores. Xantham gum may sound a little scary, but it's naturally derived from fermented corn sugar. This polysaccharide is often used by those with gluten intolerance to give their meals a more viscous, tasty quality that's often missing when you cut out wheat. Lanolin is an oil naturally present in sheep skin and wool. It resembles the oils produced by human skin more closely than almost anything in nature, which makes it a great additive for many cosmetics and skincare products. However, lanolin can be heavy on the skin and many people are allergic to it. [vc_row][vc_column][modal title="Phthalate-Free" button_text_opener="Phthalate-Free" button_style="alternative"]

Friendly Fumes Brand Products Are Free of Phthalates

Many Bath & Body products contain phthalates, chemicals that can damage the liver, the kidneys, the lungs, and the reproductive system. New research also links phthalates to feminized genitals in baby boys. Free-of-Phthalates-Banner
  • Exposures to phthalates are unnecessary. In fact, the same companies that produce phthalate-laden bath & body products often make products that contain no phthalates.
  • If we only used one product, we might not have to worry. But we generally use between 10 - 15 personal care products each day. According to Environmental Working Group, people apply an average of 120+ different ingredients to their skin daily, making the cumulative impact of these chemicals particularly dangerous.
  • Protect your health. Buy bath & body products that contain the safest ingredients available 
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Perfume / Body Oils

Friendly Fumes BrandPerfume / Body Oils

Indulge yourself or someone you love by discovering our fine quality Perfume / Body Oils. Our Perfume / Body Oils are Hand-Blended with Vitamin E (T-50) and Jojoba 100% Pure oils. They're Quick Absorbing, Healthy for your Skin, and also Eco-Friendly. We have over 170+ enticing Fragrances in which to choose from! And, at only $6.95 per 1/3 Ounce Bottle; you can afford to pick-up a few to share with your friends & family. They also make a wonderful gift for just about any occasion.
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