Welcome to Friendly Fumes, your source for natural fragrances, essential oils, candle making, and soap making supplies! Our owner comes from four generations of soapmakers and still crafts his handmade soap in small batches using family techniques. When he started developing fragrance oils in 1992, friends and family were so impressed they soon suggested he use his fragrance oils for soapmaking. Things really took off from there! Friendly Fumes now offers a wide array of natural body products and aromatherapy, as well as all the supplies you need to make your own. 

Here at Friendly Fumes, you can find soy candles, handmade aromatherapy soaps, shower gels, fragrance oils, essential oils, body and perfume oils, air fresheners, 95% natural handmade soy soaps, lotions, shea butter moisturizers, men's soaps and body products, and more— everything you need to make your entire home (and yourself!) smell amazing at all times! 

Many of our fragrances were developed personally by the owner, who's always had a passion for scents, from the rich and exotic to the familiar and comforting. Among our 200 varieties, you’ll find old favorites like daffodil, twists on popular scents like cucumber melon, completely unique blends like Encounter, and our version of Drakkar. We’re a premier supplier of handmade soap, soy candles, and fragrance oils for soapmaking, all handcrafted in small batches right here in the US. We offer over 200 fragrances, many of them original blends, to be mixed and matched with our pure aromatherapy and body products. Come on in and find something you love, or create something all your own! 

Use them as Perfume Oils to make yourself memorable, or use our Fragrance Oils for Soapmaking, toiletry making and candle making in your own kitchen. With Friendly Fumes, you’ll never have to worry about harsh chemicals or unnecessary additives. We keep all our products as natural as possible. It’s better for your body, and better for the Earth. Many of our products like our Soy Pillar Candles are available unscented or dye-free. Check out our Aromatherapy Soaps and our 95% Natural versions. 

Just as we base our products on safe ingredients, we base our company on compassion, integrity, and responsibility. We're committed to goodness first and foremost, and we practice it in every aspect of what we do. "Like us" on Facebook for updates and important information for the past, present, and future deals, plus great money-saving coupon codes for hefty discounts on our products! Give us your comments and suggestions, or start a new discussion; let us know your ideas that will make Friendly Fumes a place you’d want to visit time and time again. Tell your friends too!

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